Newport Pet Clinic

13011 Newport Avenue Suite #107
Tustin, CA 92780


The comments below were copied from various internet 'review' sites.  We greatly appreciate these kind words and the trust that has been placed in our team.  We understand that you can't always please everyone.... but we will keep trying to do just that.

Princess P. Santa Ana Yelp
From the moment I walked in with my little cockapoo, limp from toxicity, Dr. Bass and his team took control of the situation and saved his life. They

did not leave me waiting, the Doctor gave me updates throughout the day and they did only what was necessary.  The care was thorough and affordable,

given the complications. I cannot even put a price on all of the personal care, which included a follow up call that evening, from the Doctor himself.

The customer service, attention to detail and expertise of the Newport Pet Clinic is unbeatable. I am extremely hard to please and will be the first one

to complain of inflated services, this is NOT the case here. They have my trust, my loyalty and I highly recommend it!

Thank you .


 Leanne K.  Irvine   Yelp
This is the best dr. office ever! I would never go anywhere else and I recommend all my friends who have pets to go to the is office!!  The staff is

always so freindly and I can tell they really do love the animals. And Dr. Bass is a SUPERB dr! I wish he could be my human dr!  :-)  I even have a

pretty "cranky' old chihuahua dog who is never nice to anyone and they still treat her so nicely and loving. They are the best!!


 Katie W.   Orange   Yelp
I have been taking our little munchin to Newport Pet Clinic & are thrilled with the care that she has received.  The staff is awesome and treat Chewy

like she is one of their own. Chewy is recovering form surgery and doing wonderful & also has her allergy issue handled.  She is a much happier dog & we

are much happier dog parents. The grooming service is also great, I am super picky so this says a lot about the work being done.  I would recommend them

to anyone who loves there pet and wants the best care possible. I trust the vets & the staff completely and feel I get a great value for the $$. Thank

you Newport Pet Clinic!!!!!


 Ali G.  Irvine   Yelp
I have been going here for over 2 years. They have incredible customer service and make my little peanut feel at home! Not just a vet but they offer

grooming services as well. I sent peanut for a groom and they told me she had an ear infection. The doctor saw her and prescribed meds with my

permission. I came to pick peanut up and everything was all taken care of. I will always tell friends if you need a great vet this is the place :)


R.M.   Newport Beach   Yelp
Dr. Bass and staff are A-1. Prices are very fair. Clean office!


James B. Santa Ana   Yelp

Dr. Bass and his staff are fantastic!   They should be commended for their customer service!  They are super friendly and amazing with animals.  They go

above and beyond to help their clients.  I have so much trust and faith in his staff after just a short amount of time.  I don't care how far away I

move, I'm staying with Dr. Bass.  He's funny, down to earth and a great guy overall. Their prices are very reasonable and they do not try and upsell you

everything. There are not enough good things to say.  I highly recommend them!


 Patricia R  Yelp

Wish I could give infinity stars.  I found Dr. Bass after my first little ill puppy died, which I felt was the result of my previous vet not paying

close enough attention and having no experience will very small dogs.  Dr. Bass, Bonnie and the whole gang at Newport Pet clinic took us in, took care

of my expanding family of dogs with care, love and always are thorough and patient with me and my pets. I feel like they love my babies as much as I do.

I have moved a couple of times since I started coming to them 5 years ago but I will drive across the country to bring my pets to them. You guys rock!

Thank you for what you do.


 Rhonda O.  Yelp

We have been using Dr. Bass for over a year now since we got our little Doxie, Mitzy. Little did we know when we got her that she would need a little

extra care. I needed a vet who was conservative in treatment, reasonable and still very complete in the care given. Talk about researching vets. I

researched like crazy. Not one visit with the vet have I ever been rushed out. They are busy, but that is because they are so caring and good. I have

even asked them at times to do other tests, and Dr. Bass has said he does not feel it is needed and to just take our money and put our puppy through a

test that he feels is not required, is not something he is willing to do. You will not find many vets that do that these days. Yesterday, our pup was

hurt at doggie daycare. I didn't even call (not something I like doing) but they took her, kept her for the day, treated injury, two medications and a

bandaged cone-head later, she was ready to go home. I have never had sticker shock with their bills and that means so much. Every single staff member

there loves animals. The  pets know it too. Not once have I had the staff be rude to me when I call panicking over some tiny medical issue (to them) but

huge (to me) concerning Mitzy. They handle this all day long, I'm sure. Just means so much to have a vet locally that I we can rely on and staff that

cares. Thanks for taking such great care of Mitzy. We appreciate it so much.

Lisa S. Orange, CA   Yelp

I have been taking my pets to Dr. Bass since the late 1970's ...yet we are both still so young!  hmm...anyway, I have lived in Orange County all my life

and spent 10 yers in the pet industry and have always had a house full of animals...usually between 2 and 6 dogs as well as cats, birds, tortoise and

more. Over the years, in my previous career,  I had to work with many OC veterinarians....  THERE IS NO OTHER VET LIKE DR. BASS!  He cares deeply for

each and every animal and treats them like they are his own.  He takes time and explains everything to you... from simple findings as he goes through an

exam to more complex challenges.  I have called him in the middle of the night from the emergency clinic during a dear pet's crisis only to have him

come walking in just to see if he could help and be involved in the pet's care... AS LONG AS DR. BASS IS PRACTICING I WILL ONLY TAKE MY PETS TO HIM! 

Dr. Bass is a specia person.  He loves animals, loves veterinary medicine and he's really funny too!  just sayin..... He is only concerned with your

pet's health and never has an ego about anything!  If he isn't sure about something...he will research it.  All that matters is  that your pet has the

best treatment.  One last thing,  prices at Newport Pet Clinic are so reasonable!  (I often think they are low)....   as they say.... Providing the 

highest level of care  and, if your pet is  ill, knowing they will have the  the best outcome.....  PRICELESS! 

P.S.....  Just  as Newport Pet Clinic  recommends, for ER care and some specialty care I only go to ADVANCED CRITICAL CARE... check my review.

Lindy L. Tustin,CA    yelp

If you want excellent care for you pet, this is the place!  My dog used to shake whenever I took her to her former veterinarian.  Now, she walks in on

her own - she's so comfortable.  From the front office staff to Dr. Bass - this is a first class office.  Dr. Bass is thorough!!


 Allison B.  yelp

This is a wonderful pet clinic. We have only been living in CA a year and a half, and are moving to Michigan soon, so I'm sad that we only got to come

here once. The clinic was clean and fresh smelling, everyone we came in contact with was very nice, and Dr. Bass was wonderful, thorough, and

informative. We just had a check up with the standard shots for our two cats, and he even called the next day to see how they were doing. Taking cats to

the vet is never a fun experience, but bringing them here was almost a piece of cake, We would have loved to come back next year, but hopefully we can

find an animal clinic in our new home that will be as great as this one.

 Maggie V. Westminster,CA   yelp

Newport Pet Clinic is amazing! My puppy was really sick and they got him in right away. They were so great with him and made me feel so much better

knowing he was in good hands. The staff was so great! I would highly recommend taking your pets here!!!


 Isaac W/  Buena Park,CA    yelp

This place is the best! I have 8 cats, yes I said 8 and some of them are special needs kitties, so I have seen a lot of vets over the years and Dr. Bass

hands down is the best. His prices are fair especially for the service he provides. He treats them as if these were his own babies, making sure that

every part of them is healthy and checking to see if there is anything we should look out for in the future. He has dedicated his life to his profession

and we are so lucky to have him as our kids Dr.

 Rahul K.  Temecula, CA   yelp

I would never take my animals anywhere but the Newport Pet Clinic.  Dr. Bass is the best and my dogs are always taken care of there.


 Paula W.  Orange,CA   yelp

Would not go anywhere else.  We starting going to Dr Bass when we had a dog with an illness that could not be diagnosed by several other vets.  He spent

hours with us and the dog and did find out the problem and treatment,.  Entire staff is wonderful.  Our dogs do not freak out going.  Love being able to

have the dogs bathed there and have non-anesthetic dental cleanings.

Kay L. Anaheim,CA   yelp

Newport Pet Clinic is the BEST and we've already recommended them to several friends with pets. Dr. Bass, Bonnie, and the rest of the staff are so great

with our two pups that they actually enjoy going to the vet! The amazing team at Newport Pet Clinic always treat our pets like family and I can't

imagine trusting any other vet with our dogs...they are really, REALLY knowledgable about your animals and always go the extra mile to offer

extraordinary care.

Catherine D.   Yorba Linda, CA    yelp
I am soo glad I randomly picked this vet last year. The vet I used to go to in Texas somehow traumatized my dog and she tried to bite the last vet

(super rare for my dog to show people aggression), and that vet immediately went and grabbed a muzzle. Knowing this, i brought a muzzle to my first

appointment here and told them about how nervous/scared she gets... Their reaction was amazing! Instead of just using a muzzle, Dr. Bass took the time

to hang out with my dog by walking her around the clinic and giving her treats. However long it took to get her more comfortable, that's what he was

going to do. And that meant more to me than anything. And it worked! Yes, vets are pricey, but trust me, it's worth every penny.

My last visit, my dog only needed her rabies vaccine and I wanted to get her microchipped as well. Dr Dobratz explained in detail what to expect and

what exactly was going to happen (the size of the needle for microchipping, etc) and that my dog probably wasn't going to be the happiest about it. But

when it was over, my dog was happier than she was before.  I know my dog will never have to worry about a "scary" vet visit ever again! :) She loves all

the Newport staff!

I'd give more stars if i could! :)

Helan A  Tustin   Yelp    Best Vet Ever

This may sound strange but it is nice to find a vet that actually likes pets. Dr. Bass remembers little details about each of my dogs. His staff is

friendly and goes out of there way to help you. Everyone is knowledgeable and will answer just about every question that I have with my dogs. This place

is not cold and sterile like some vets offices that I have been too. My dogs actually like coming in! I am grateful that this place is close to me and

provides a loving and warm environment for my pets' health care.

Jesse M.  Santa Ana  Yelp
Dr. Bass treated my cat for a potentially cancerous growth for a very reasonable rate. We have been going here for about two years and the staff is

awesome and the place is nice and clean.


Nicole K   Tustin  Yelp
Art and Bonnie and the entire staff at Newport Pet Clinic treat our puppy as if she were their own.  Our dog has had surgery, check ups, pedicures, and

treatments at Newport Pet Clinic and each time we are very satisfied with the service.  They really care about their patients and that makes my husband

and I very comfortable trusting them with our dog's health.

Kevin C.  Irvine   Yelp

WOW--my partner and I have nothing but the best to say about Newport Pet Clinic. Dr. Art Bass, Dr. Dobratz, Bonnie and staff are all terrific at what

they do! We have known Bonnie and Dr. Bass since they first opened this office and we would never take our dogs anywhere else for their healthcare

needs. Dr. Bass is one of the finest veterinarians I've ever met, in addition to being such a caring person. He and Bonnie helped us through the loss of

our Dalmation, Guenevere (Guenny) to cancer in 2006. Their caring, understanding and excellent referrals made an unbearable situation much easier to

handle. Especially because we knew we were in such excellent hands.

Our other two dogs, Tucker and Emma Peel don't necessarily enjoy going to their yearly checkups and other emergency visits, we always know that everyone

at Newport Pet Clinic is doing their best for them every time we're there.

Please don't hesitate to take your pets to the most outstanding veterinary clinic in Southern California. Your pets will be so glad that you did


Erin C.   Long Beach   Yelp
Dr. Bass and the staff at Newport Pet Clinic are phenomenal. Dr. Bass has cared for our dogs since 1995. The compassion and care that our dogs have

received over the years has been reassuring to our family.

Dr. Bass is like a country doctor who knows all of his patients and remembers the little details that mean a lot. When Bailey broke her jaw and was

hospitalized, the surgeon let us know that Dr. Bass stopped in to check on her after surgery. We've always known how wonderful Dr. Bass is, but he

continues to impress us in new ways.

We always recommend Dr. Bass and the staff at Newport Pet Clinic to anyone who needs a great veterinarian.

June K. Santa Ana   Yelp
I cannot say enough about Dr. Art Bass & Staff at the Newport Pet Clinic!I first met Dr. Bass about 27 years ago at his Clinic in Orange.He truly has a

love for animals that goes above & beyond.I was so sad when Dr. Bass left that clinic to pursue another venture.You can imagine how delighted I was to

find him back in practice less that a mile from my home!Believe it or not,he did not remember me but did remember our dear first pet.Dr.Bass is someone

I would highly recommend for his service.Clinic is always immaculate.


Jim T   Tustin   Yelp
This Veterinarian ( Dr. Bass) truly is as good as they get. When my german shepherd ( I adopted her from the german shepherd rescue

organization) developed pneumonia, Dr. Bass saved her.
I called their office and they told me to bring her in immediately. They would make room for her in their schedule. I had never been to this vet before.

They proceeded with the tests to confirm the problem and even did more tests to doubly confirm this. And they did this without charging me the extra

costs of those tests. My shepherd is now healthy and doing great. Dr. Bass is her vet for life.


 Alena V. Tustin   Yelp
Newport Pet Clinic (more specifically Dr. Bass) get five stars from my husband, me, and most importantly our dogs!  First off their prices are on par

with other veterinary clinics in the area but the service, care, and attention to you and your pets is far beyond any other vet I have ever been to

throughout a lifetime of owning pets.

At an appointment the receptionists (always the same ones) will have an amiable chat with you both before and after, give your dog plenty of delicious

morsels that fit in their diet, and offer you plenty of tips and bits of friendly advice about dog training and ownership. You never have to wait long

though- this is a small, private practice with only two vet rooms. Once you go in it's never a long wait for the Pet Nurse and then Dr. Bass.....

I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Arthur Bass. From the moment he walks in the room he treats you like an equal- always explaining every step to

you, never pressuring you, explaining charges, etc. More importantly he gets to know your dog, gets them comfortable and treats them with the utmost in

loving care. At each appointment (for one dog) he will spend almost an hour with you. He checks everything gently and thoroughly and looks into your

dog's eyes like he's communicating with them- it's like he's Dr. Doolittle!

I realize that I'm expounding here but Dr. Bass is the best of the best. You get personalized attention that is hard to find these days in human medical

practice let alone veterinary practice. A few times we've had to take our dogs to a different vet and the experience was completely different. Long

waits, scared dogs, hurried vet techs, rude vets who talk down to you and don't reveal charges and add on tons of unnecessary treatments to up the bill.

You and your furry best friend don't need to put up with that sort of treatment. Go to Dr. Bass at Newport Pet Clinic because there is a better way.

Your pooch will thank you.

Oh and cats are welcome too- I've seen quite a few of them there. It's just that we only have dogs these days.